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Comparator Stand Comparator Stand Comparator Stand Comparator Stand Comparator Stand Comparator Stand in india Comparator Stand in pune
Comparator Stand


Comparator Stand
We provides expert mechanical and electro-mechanical calibration services to a wide range of industries around the world.

Pressure is a sophisticated measurement discipline. But Fluke Calibration has the experts—and the best-engineered product solutions

We have provided strong technical capabilities to ensure that our customers' electronic calibrations are precise-whether you require simple amp/volt meter electrical calibrations for general monitoring purposes or precision electronic calibrator calibrations for testing and calibrating your own instruments-we deliver outstanding electronic equipment calibrations to our customers worldwide.

Comparator Stand
For users with a large number of flow meters, Flow Technology can provide and maintain precision, primary standard flow calibration equipment and trained metrology personnel on a permanent basis at your facility.

Comparator Stand


Caretek Calibration Laboratory is one of Pune's best onsite calibration service provider offering prompt& cost saving calibration services. Covering all industrial areas in Maharashtra, Gujrat & some part of Karnataka. We offer a complete and comprehensive service, which includes Mechanical & Pressure, Thermal, Electro-technical & Fluid Flow calibration, and certification.

Additional Features: From 11/11/2011 Caretek offer our Customers who have their calibration schedule easy way to store their Calibration Certificates in Calibration USB stick.

The efficiency of our onsite calibration services means that we produce calibration certificates at the time of our visit. So that end of the day of calibration certificates are in your hand.

Caretek USB Storage Stick:
Our On-Site calibration Customers now have the opportunity to have all of their Calibration Certificates put onto a Memory Stick. The Certificates would be saved in PDF format and transferred to a Storage Stick and given to the customer for them to keep. This would then be updated every visit. This again cuts down on the amount of paper used, cuts down on time, and also reduces the amount of storage space needed in the office to store the Folders Also we can easily find out required certificate immediately at the time of audit.
If you would prefer your calibration certificates on a USB Stick, will you please then either email with your request or ask the Caretek Technician carrying out the On-Site Calibration, and he will take care of it.

On-Site Calibration

We have a number of mobile Calibration Technicians that are able to Calibrate your Instruments, Test Equipment etc onsite.

All you have to do is contact us, arrange a suitable date for us to visit and that is it. On the date agreed we will be on site to calibrate your equipment. And same day we will issue calibration certificates.

On each calibration visit, clients are issued with Certificates of Calibration Accuracy. These are computer generated on-site by our engineer at the time of calibration.


Mechanical & Pressure:
Air gauges, Combination sets, Compression testers, Depth gauges, DTI gauges, Engineer squares, Feeler gauges, Vernier calipers Micrometers, No go gauges, Snap gauges, Scales, Screw plug gauge, Slip gauges, Steel rules & tapes, Surface plates, Plug gauges, Depth gauges, Torque tools, Torque Wrenches, Pressure gauges, V blocks Vacuum gauges, Digital Pressure Gauge.

Electrotechnical Instruments:
Multemeters, Tong Testers, Clamp Meter, Insulation Tester, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency meter, CosOmeter LCR meter, Oscilloscope ,Brake fliude tester, Battery charger, Belt tension meter, mV/ mAcalibrators,

Thermal (Temperature Instruments):
Temperature Indicators , Controllers , Recorders , Scanners , Thermocouples , RTD Raytek Pyrometers , Sensors , Thermostat , Gauge ,Thermometer , Bargraph Indicator Melt temperature Indicator Leaf sensor

Fluide & Flow:
Flowmeters Gas and Liquid
Differential Pressure Transmeter

Calibration Service

Caretek Calibration Lab developed its calibration service as a response to clients’ specified requirements.

  • Simple and cost effective pricing
  • To restrict calibration to equipment necessary to meet product liability and safety requirements and in relevant cases, BS and ISO standards
  • To maintain and update any certification traceable to National/ International Standards

Master Certificates

All our test equipment has been calibrated by Government NABL accredited laboratories and is therefore traceable to National /International Standards.

CARETEK Calibration Lab calibration certificates also act as a record of tool performance. We also hold this information on our database should our clients need to refer to calibration data for any reason till 5 years.

All equipment and tools are etched or labeled with unique identification number showing date & due date of calibration and expiry.

Customer Calibration Log

Caretek Calibration Lab have produced a unique calibration logging system, developed to ensure a simple and comprehensive method to control and manage your calibration documentation.

This log includes sections for certificates, equipment log, calibration schedules, fail certificates etc. This log would be updated by our engineer on each visit, meaning minimum input from the client.

Calibration Schedule remainder

Caretek Calibration Lab will automatically contact clients by e mail approximately one week prior to the engineers visit, thus ensuring listed tools are available for calibration and to ensure minimum inconvenience to the client.

Tool Error Adjustments
Where tools and equipment are found to be outside specified tolerance levels, we will wherever possible carry out repairs or adjustments to bring equipment back to specified limits. This service is provided free of charge for miner repair work to our clients.

Major repaired work will be charged extra at actual.

Additional Services
As part of our on-site service, we are supplying following Instruments:

  • Measuring Instruments - MITUTOYO
  • Pressure Gauges- WIKA
  • Thermo wells Thermocouples and RTD sensor - S.HEATWELL INDIA
  • Laboratory ovens, Muffle Furnace, SENSORTECH
  • Temperature controller, PID Controllers –SHIMADIN Japan

Comparator Stand


Caretek Calibration Laboratory


Address : Shop No.3,4,5, Kaustubh Appt.,Mahalaxmi Soc.,
Lane No.4, Vitthalnagar Corner,
Anandnagar, Sinhagadroad, Pune - 411051

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